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Hey guys! Can you believe Halloween is a week away? This year has flown by. I want the holidays to slow down but to be honest we are ready to get off recruiting duty. We have made the best of it, we truly have. But we are ready for a new chapter in our lives. Any one else out there who tried to stay positive, put your self out there and realize…. this duty stinks?  Even though we are wanting to leave recruiting duty, I have to remind myself how we’ve grown these past few years. Jeff and I relationship is stronger than ever. We have survived off communication and trust. I have met amazing people and traveled all over the midwest.

Anyways…. I have no idea what recruiting duty has to do with Halloween Decor, but that is where I am at in my life. I have been a Marine spouse for almost ten years and some duties are better than others.


I hardly ever decorate the inside of my house for Halloween. I don’t like ‘scary’ I am more of a cute halloween chic. lol With orange and white and black polka dots. Living in Wyoming it is not practical to decorate the outside of the house due to high winds. I am talking about 70 mph winds lol. Crazy Right? Plus, this year we volunteered our for the pumpkin patrol. I wanted a spooky, inviting home for the volunteers to warm up in and grab a few refreshments.  The DIY branch is probably my favorite halloween project. It was free and adds so much depth. Living on base I have to work with white walls, and that is not always easy when you are trying to make a small space spooky =) You can go {HERE} for a step by step on my skulls candle sticks.  Everything above I found at the Dollar Tree or my back yard.



I have rearranged the top of my hutch at least a dozen times, and just can’t seem to find what I love. I am totally digging all of this halloween decor. Can we just keep holiday decor up year round? I created this display by using decor I already had on hand. I bought a lot of potions and spell decorations this year to reuse for #Aman’s Harry Potter birthday party. I can’t believe he will be turning 8 next month! halloweenbathroom

Having my house open on Halloween, I wanted to add some spookiness to the main bathroom. I have already moved a couple things around, added a couple more candles. I stuffed face mask into empty glass containers. For the old man I added a grocery bag inside to round out his face. I saw the idea on another military spouse instagram page megswhitewalls.  Go check her out, and for more base housing inspiration go check out White Walls on facebook.


Thank you for stopping by. I can not wait until Halloween. Helping my boys dress up, baking yummy treats for all of the amazing volunteers. Let’s just hope it’s not snowing on Halloween!

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