Decluttering into the New Year

You guys! I can’t believe that it is the year 2017. A lot happened last year. Our family has overcome a lot. We have strengthen as a family, became closer. The marines sometimes throws us a curve ball, but we try and see the positive in everything.  Currently we are in the middle of a winter storm. We are suppose to get up to 12 inches of snow, but surpassed that already. lol Since the real feel temp is -22. I think it’s a good time to start decluttering the house.  Up until last year I have always worked nights. I love it! I put the boys to bed every night and I am home before they wake up. I never missed school events, projects or sports. Unfortunately with Jeff ‘recruiting’ hours I had to switch to day shift. This was a huge adjustment for me. I think the biggest adjustment was keeping my house tidy  and organize. I felt like I was always cleaning the same room in the house. Do you ever feel overwhelmed with household chores or any other errands?

This year I was determined to become more organized and prioritize my time. I asked myself how can I prioritize chores and the ten loads of laundry I currently have piled in my laundry room? Yes, I said ten loads lol  I enjoy using planners. I am currently using an Erin Condren planner and have tons of printable stickers to decorate. lol I also have my meal prepping and fitness planner as well as a financial. In case you haven’t noticed I love planners.  What would better than a cleaning schedule?

cleaning schedule



Cleaning Schedule

I made this cleaning schedule for a working mom or dad work schedule. Of course anyone can use it. I love the bright colors. Who says cleaning can’t be fun and cheerful?? To much? I wish I had more time for cleaning. I do love to color coordinate my closets and organize my pantry by sizes of boxes.  I have used this schedule for a week now and it has helped. Of course life comes up and my dogs get into the trash or the boys spill their cup of juice at dinner.  I know this schedule is simple, but sometimes that’s the best way. Why make things complicated right?  Thank you for stopping by and I will keep you guys updated on decluttering our house. Next up the linen closet…..


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