DIY Legos on the Go

Hey Guys! This year has been extremely busy for us.  We have moved four times and now getting ready for our big pcs to Iwakuni, Japan.  I have never been overseas before so I am a tad nervous, very excited and experiencing occasional nausea lol. Getting ready for the big move I wanted to find ways to help keep the boys busy on the plane and airports. I have been looking at flights and they can vary anywhere from 15-34 hours.

The boys can play with legos for hours. They love creating new spaceships or the fastest race car. I knew my boys would love to be able to play with legos on the plane. The Lego box is small enough to fit on a carry on bag without taking up too much space.

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Supplies Needed:

Lego baseplate

Pencil box


Super Glue

Taking advantage of back to school supplies I bought extra pencil boxes. I made sure when I purchased the boxes they had a flat top. I am not sure how well the baseplate will adhere to the box if it has designs on top. Now most Lego sets include a mini baseplate. Unfortunately all of my boys Legos are in storage. So I bought a large baseplate HERE  and was able to make three Lego boxes.

The baseplate was fairly easy to cut. I used gorilla glue to attach the baseplate to the pencil box. After I had it on straight I used a couple books to weigh it down for 24 hours. I doubt you need to let it sit that long, but I figured my boys would be pulling Legos on and off, and I wanted it to be secure. It has held up great thus far.

Surprisingly, these pencil boxes held quite a bit of Legos. Not only is this Lego box great for roadtrips but also going over to Grandma’s house, or in our case staying with a friend while our furniture ships to Japan.

Besides letting it sit overnight, this was an easy five minute project that my boys love! It keeps Legos organized and mobile. I hope this helps entertain your little one on your next road trip. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post. I would love to hear your ideas on how you keep your kids busy in the car?

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