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Hey guys!! I am sitting here with my feet propped up on my new revamped ottoman. This thing was ugly lol. I had been stalking the web and yard sale pages for another coffee table. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted but I knew I had a tight budget. This thing was in desperate need of attention. The ottoman opens up as storage and the door started coming off the hinges, my dog kept chewing on all the corners and my cat scratched the sides. This poor ottoman couldn’t catch a break lol.


I wanted needed  to keep things simple when it came to reupholstery. I have never attempted it before. I don’t think I even know how to sew on a lose button lol. This project was definitely easy even for newbies like me.  This project only cost me $18!!  I was able to pick up all the supplies from walmart while I was grocery shopping. I used a twin size foam mattress topper and a painters canvas.  I didn’t take any of the leather off. I thought it would add more cushion. The canvas was so think that you couldn’t see thru the material.

ottoman (4)

I cut the foam topper in half and used a spray adhesive to keep the foam from sliding all over. I made sure to keep the pointy foam side (?) down. I didn’t want the material to be uneven or have bumps.  I measured out where I wanted the upholstered buttons to be attached and cut an inch out of the foam.  This step isn’t necessary but it makes it easier when you are screwing in the fabric. After I cut out four one inch holes I laid the canvas on top and screw the fabric into the ottoman. At first I didn’t use washers when attaching the fabric. The fabric kept pulling thru the screws. Once I used  washers it created a nice tufted look.

ottman (6)

The first time I attempted the top of the ottoman I stapled the material to the back before screwing the top first. When I tried to screw the top in the fabric was to tight and was ripping the material. So I took all the staples out and tried it again. lol  When pulling the fabric just make sure you pull it tight. It will create nice round edges. Don’t worry about the wrinkles. They will work themselves out.

ottoman (3)

With each side I worked on one at a time. I stapled on the bottom and the inside of the ottoman. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to cover the edges. Once I had all the sides covered I cut off the seams from the left over fabric. I needed a way to cover up the edges. They didn’t look so pretty. I used Tacky Glue to attach the seams on the edges. The glue has held up pretty well. Even with our 195lb Mastiff leaning on it.

ottoman (2)

Eventually down the road I want to add chunky round stubby legs but painting the old legs were free. And, like I mentioned before I was on a tight budget. Nothing is better than free, right?! lol The paint was left over from another project. I am not sure I am really digging the white legs, but we will see….

ottoman (5)

After everything was screwed back together, and I replaced the broken hinges, I glued the upholstery buttons on top of the screws. You can’t even tell the I used screws instead of buttons. What do you think?? I love it! The material is very durable and holds up pretty well! Even with my crazy boys and two big drooly dogs.  If you have any questions please comment below.

ottoman (7)


Mattress Foam Topper- Walmart

Painters canvas cloth-  Walmart


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