DIY Wood Bead Garland

Hey Guys!! Sorry I have been MIA lately, I have missed y’all! It’s been a crazy few months. We unfortunately had to move out of our home in Wyoming sooner than we thought. So we headed back home to live with family for a couple months and now we are living in Florida with my best friend. Jeff is still in the Marines finishing up recruiting duty. We miss him terribly and face time him everyday. Only a couple months until we can be together again, but we have survived several deployments and field ops so I know me and the boys will make it through this.


I wanted to get on here and share with you guys a cheap DIY to add to your Farmhouse decor. I have been obsessed with these darling wood bead garlands. They are so easy to make and affordable. I had plenty of beads left over my five year old son actually made a second garland with me. It took us both about ten minutes to make a garland.



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Wood Beads
Tape (optional)


First you are going to take your jute (or whatever string you decide to use 🙂 and wrap it around your hand about 15 times or so. This is going to create your adorable little tassel.


Once you have your desired thickness you are going to take another piece of jute, a little longer than the length you want your garland,  and wrap it around the top of the tassel. Knot it off at the top and you are ready to bead!!


I used about 60 beads for this garland, 10mm. So funny story. This is my first wood bead garland and I was so excited to start this project. I quickly ordered these wood beads off Amazon and was just so excited I didn’t even read the description or anything. I stalked the mailman for a couple days and opened the package and was a little taken back. lol Slap in the face.  A little smaller than I was expecting but they are still perfect! So readers even when you are extremely excited to start a project, please read the description! Don’t worry I have learned my lesson and ordered one inch beads =)



I decided to tape the end of the jute so it was easier to pull the beads through. You might not have this problem if you are using a larger bead. Stringing the beads was Wyatt’s favorite part. This is a perfect craft for the kiddos to join in on!! Once you have added all of your beads you are going to create another tassel. Tying the tassel with the end of the garland.


Now it’s time to add these cuties to your home decor! Wood bead garlands are so fun and easy to make. I also think they would make a perfect gift for your girlfriends! If you are not wanting to make one or send one to a friend,  there are tonnsss of talented artist on etsy selling them! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. Which size beads do you like?? I personally like the big chunky beads 😉 I like big beads and I can not lie. You other mothers can’t deny. lol Dork moment.


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