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One area that has always been put on the back burner was our entry way. Which really sounds silly, since it is the most visited place in our home. Here in Wyoming we have Arctic entryways. To help keep the cold air out of our home we ended up having this cute little ‘mudroom.’


I wanted to keep the colors bright since it was such a small area. I also had to make it easy to maneuver in and out of our home. One thing the hubby can not stand is tripping over things right as he walks in. Everything in our entryway was either found on the side of the road or I already owned it. I am constantly redecorating with items in my home. ┬áIf you live on base make sure you check out your housing office events. Balfour Beatty hosted a free craft night to make boot trays. Not only was I able to meet other spouses, but I walked out of there with Free boots trays! Living in Wyoming they are a must for anyone! I don’t have to worry about constantly mopping our floors from mud or snow.


If you haven’t noticed I am a little obsessed with anything chippy paint. It adds the perfect amount of character to our home =) A normal day in Wyoming is having wind speeds up to 70 mph. Meh. I am constantly bringing in my outdoor pillows. I was tired of seeing them thrown all over the place and having the dogs lay on them. I found an old drawer in the garage and it fits four outdoor pillows perfectly! I am still unsure of what I want to hang above our table, so I just threw a window screen up there. I am always up for suggestions?! lol



I needed a place where guest can hang their jacket or coats. I didn’t want them to have to hang them on my couch or kitchen chair. I don’t know why, but I am afraid they will get dog hair on them and my visitors won’t come back haha. So silly. Everyone loves Achilles and Duke! But anywhos…. My wonder garbage find.. once again chippy paint! I bought three hooks from hobby lobby and screwed them into the fence post. I love it! Plus, it only cost me a few dollars to make a coat rack. I also love how it doesn’t take up hardly any room.


I would have loved to add board and batten to our entry way, but living on base wasn’t realistic. This easy DIY coat rack added the perfect touches.


I am in love with our new entry way! It’s definitely a lot more inviting than before. Shoes were thrown where ever they fell, pillows and coats everywhere. I hope you enjoyed reading about our cute entry way.


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