Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

Hey Guys! I am excited to say that we finally have a house! We have been in Japan a week now and things are slowly falling into place. We are still on the hunt for a car, but thankfully Iwakuni is designed to be a walking base. It definitely has the Mayberry feel to it! We don’t have our HHG, household goods, yet. So I am taking advantage of the blank canvas and really get a feel for the place. I am wanting to change my style just a little bit. The rooms in Japan are quirky so I want to add more eclectic pieces. During lunch I was busy planning our laundry room and thought I would share with y’all some ideas =)

This is our laundry room. Pretty Mehh right? Don’t mind my laundry in the dryer. At least it’s clean. lol I plan on keeping things minimal since it is a small space. I have never minded having a small laundry room.  I don’t spend a lot of time in the laundry room, get in get out lol Keep in mind this is base housing so I can not remove shelves or knock out a wall 😉 My first thought was “how do I hide the giant pipe behind the dryer?” I am thinking hanging a vintage laundry sign or window from two small chains hooked to the ceiling?? I will have to update yall when our belongings get here!

When looking for home decor I usually shop with Amazon, Hobby Lobby and Target. Living in Japan I am limited to what I can purchase online. I am hoping we get a car soon and we can start venturing out into local shops! I love being organized and just because it’s a laundry room doesn’t mean it can’t be cute right?

http:/Hiding ugly detergent bottles or cleaning supplies makes the room look organized and clean. I love these little bins, they line up perfectly with each other. Sometimes with cute baskets or metal bins you are not utilizing your shelf space! When you are limited on storage utilizing space is very important!

One thing I have noticed in my new house are the cabinets are hung so high! lol It’s not that bad in the laundry room but in the kitchen and bathrooms, oh my goodness! The bottom shelf is above my head lol I have to get a ladder just to see inside the cabinets. lol I don’t know about you but I can not stand wires!! I hate seeing them and I hate knowing they are there lol. I know I am weird, but hey it is what it is. I believe I am just going to use a simple dowel rod or tension bar and hang canvas cloth from the bottom shelf until the top of the washer. There is enough space between the washer and wall that the cloth won’t touch or interfere with anything.

Sources =) =)

Boxwood Plant

Galvanized Metal Wall Rack

Foldable Storage Cubes

Traditional Clothespins

Natural Ironing Board Pad

Wire Wall Hooks

Vintage Wire Hamper

Heritage Hill Jar

Trash Can

Laundry Storage Tin

Thank you friends for stopping by. I can’t wait to show you our completed laundry room. I am sure to tackle this room first since it’s the smallest and least challenging. Wait until you see our bathrooms and bedrooms. lol Talk about off-centered windows and giant ac units.

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