Meet Kelly Marie

My name is Kelly, and I am the girl behind My Rustic homestead. I am a 27 year old Kentuckian stationed in Wyoming. I have been married to my best friend for eight years. I have been blessed with two handsome little boys, Aman and Wildman. I decided to start blogging for one reason. I love anything DIY, rusted, chippy, rearranging furniture, decorating for the holidays, and hosting parties.  Okay so that was a little more than just one reason 😉

I have lived on base, military housing, for seven years. I have learned to love white walls and how to decorate around the rules of living on base.  No mounting TV’s, painting, and sometimes I wasn’t even allowed to hang pictures! Oh how I dream to tear down walls, add ship lap and change ever ugly light fixture! Only 11 years till retirement, right?! lol




This amazing man has been by my side for ten years. He has been in the Marines for nearly 9 years! Jeff is a huge help with all of my projects. Plus, he puts up with all of my indecisiveness. Currently he is on Recruiting Duty. I have learned a lot about Recruiting Duty, how it can challenge a marriage and a mother’s sanity. If you ever have any questions about Recruiting Duty, please email me.




A little bit more about me =)

I have a bear english mastiff named Achilles
>> I love antiquing
>> Mt. Dew in a can taste way better
>> I married at the age of 18
>> I have a brother and a sister
>> I can wear little girl shoes
>> I enjoy throwing parties
>> I love anything Disney
>> I love criminal minds and ncis
>> Achilles weighs 200lbs
>> My favorite season is fall. Unless we are talking about Wyoming, then “summer”
>> I bake cakepops
>> I work at the VA hospital
>> I have lived in four different states
>> I have 11 tattoos
>> I am addicted to instagram and pinterest ( who isn’t right?!)
>> I love apple products
>> Favorite color is pink
>> I am a University of Kentucky fan
>> I am learning to enjoy running
>> My boys nicknames are Aman and Wildman
>> I married my high school sweetheart
>> Matching tattoos with my BFF =)
>> I am an extreme couponer
>> Currently on Recruiting Duty
>> Would love to win Yard of the Quarter






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