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We currently live in a four bedroom house on base. We always wanted our boys to have a playroom . We soon found out that it was a nightmare!  They would just drag toys out and not even play with them and inviting friends over always made me cringe. lol I just knew they would go crazy in the playroom and dump every toy box over. Of course, I made the boys pick up there room, which took HOURS >>>insert overly exhausted mom who is tired of repeating herself face here>> lol

boys room 4

I had enough. They were at an age where they didn’t even play with over half of the toys. All they are interested in is video games and legos. If they were not going to be responsible enough to pick up there toys and keep the room manageable then they would be donated. And that’s what we did! They had four toy boxes full of toys and double closet with shelves filled with toys!

boys room 5

We wanted to keep our boys in the same room, so we could make there old bedroom an office. I had hundreds of ideas on how I wanted to decorate this space, but none of them were really in my budget. lol So it was time to get creative. Find replicas of Pottery Barn and Pier One furniture and decor. I wish I could say that the boys bedroom transformed over night. But I saved and bought one piece at a time over each paycheck. Wouldn’t it be a glorious day to walk out of HomeGoods with my mini van filled to the brim with home decor. Oh the possibilities! But any who….

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I decided to go with an Industrial/Vintage theme. I wanted to go with a mature theme since my oldest son will be eight this year!! >>Did I just say eight?! I didn’t want them to outgrow there room within a year or two.  For a couple months I stalked searched craigslist for iron beds. The color didn’t matter since I was going to spray paint them a flat black. No such luck! I found these adorable Matte black metal twin beds on {HERE}. In the picture it looks like the 80/90’s bed frame, but trust me they are not. For the price, I am very pleased!  The red night stand was an antique find that was painted with chalk paint. Doesn’t it fit perfectly!? Now lets talk about that lamp. It has me swooning over here! I saw it at Hobby Lobby for $100. Ouch. Even at 50% off I just didn’t want to fork up another $50 for a lamp. Well one day I was wasting time in between appointments walking up and down every aisle at Hobby Lobby. There it was, all alone at 80% off =) =) I definitely did the Kelly giddy dance, oh yeah it’s a thing!  I do know that they offer lamps at Target that look similar to this style for $24.99? I believe.


I love how curtains can drastically change the feel of a room. For a while the room was looking like a prison with the black stripes and bars. lol Aman and Widman are obsessed with my duvet cover. I knew I had to get them both one for the beds. Things really  start to add up when you have to buy two of everything. The Hostage duvet cover  and pillow case were only $12.99! {HERE} It was a little rough right out of the package but after a couple washes its soft and my boys love it!  I have never bought curtain rods at Ikea before and didn’t realize that you have to buy each piece individually. Lets just say after my two hour drive home I didn’t have all of the pieces lol Ugh. I need to start paying more attention lol.  Each rod was around $15 and look great! You can find the curtains {HERE}. When hanging curtains try and hang them as high as you can to add height to your ceilings, but also still touching the floor. The boys room have very large windows and Ikea offers a wide variety of curtain length without breaking the bank.


I really wanted to hang vintage marquee lights above the boys bed, but I just could not find any! Well, I shouldn’t say that. I did find some that I love and were $200 a piece. lol Once again, Hobby saved the day. These distressed metal letters are huge! I wanted to keep there decor minimal, but inviting. I think these letters do just that. They are also very light so I don’t have to worry about them falling off the wall on top of the boys.


I don’t know if you haven’t noticed, but I placed the boys dresser in their closet.  I didn’t make the boys get rid of every single toy, come on I am not that mean lol, so I need a cute functional way to organize there toys. These metal lined baskets fit at the end of the bed perfectly. I am not completely finished with this room. I want to add an industrial style shelf and possibly a rug between the two beds. I am just in love with how it all came together. I think the boys are too.

Thank you for stopping by! What do you think about the boys bedroom? Do your little ones share a room? Mine just love it!


>Bedding: Ikea
>Curtains: Ikea
>Night Stand: Thrift find
>Lamp: Hobby Lobby
>Letters: Hobby Lobby
>Basket: Hobby Lobby


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3 comments on “Industrial Boys Room

  1. Love this boy bedroom! Thank you for sharing! So simple, affordable and boy friendly… I was thinking the same bedding for my two boys! 4 & 8

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