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Whooo! You guys, I can finally say that I am finished with the laundry room. Well sort of, I need a runner but I am holding off until I find exactly what I want. With my husband in the military we are moving constantly. My biggest problem is I bounce from one room to the next without finishing my projects. Scattered brain much? I was determined to finish the laundry room without starting another project. And you know what? Not only did I finish, but instead of taking me 3 months it only took me 2 weeks. And that is only because mail is sooo slow to Japan lol. Also, I saved money. I planned out what I needed and stuck to it. Let’s dive into the Before pic =)

Ain’t she a beaut? lol some might think it think it’s silly to decorate your laundry room. But it is the second  more visited room in the house and it’s right off of my kitchen. When ever guest come over I don’t want them to see random tide bottles everywhere.


I wanted to try and cover as much of the plumbing as I could. Now remember I live on base so I can’t alter any of the rooms. To cover the hot and cold lines I placed two command hooks under the cabinet. Tip:  When hanging command hooks make sure you let them sit for at least an hour before putting any weight on the hooks. I use command hooks for everything and love them. After the hooks are set I placed a dowel rod, I already had, and a small kitchen curtain on the hooks.

I found these adorable Fabric Cubes on Amazon. I had to rearranged the shelfs but they ended up fitting perfectly. I keep stain removers, oxy white, iron, extra cleaners in these cubes. Since i have such a small laundry room I wanted to keep the colors neutral. I didn’t want to get overwhelmed with patterns or bright colors. I am already overwhelmed with the never ending dirty clothes.

I had this old window lying around and it kept bouncing from room to room. It fit perfectly behind the dryer! All I had to do was convince the hubby that it would look adorable and I needed his help to hang it… Do you ever get that look?? lol The look “lady you are crazy?” But he is amazing and always helps me out =) No matter how crazy my ideas seem to be. lol

My favorite little find for this room is my Laundry metal container. Isn’t it cute? It comes with a scoop for powder detergent or oxy-white. I keep my tide pods in it, so the scoop just makes it that more adorable. You will never believe that I found it on Amazon! I am so thankful that Amazon has a nice farmhouse collection. You can find it {HERE}

Quick Recap 



Thank you friends for stopping by! Even though we live on base and I can’t make permanent changes, it is important to make this house feel like our home. I love how simple and quaint our laundry room turned out. If you are wanting to see how I planned and designed my laundry room head on over to my post —-> {HERE}

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