How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

Hey Friends! We have lived in Iwakuni, Japan for one month! And I can finally say every box is unpacked and recycled =) Whoop Whoop! When our HHG, HouseHold Goods, arrived Jeff just happened to be out in the field. I honestly think he is starting to volunteer for field ops. lol Everytime the dryer breaks or we pcs he is out in the field lol. Anywho, I was so overwhelmed with all the boxes I just started throwing random things in cabinets. I refused to buy any cleaning products until I organized underneath the kitchen sink.

Now that everything is unpacked and in its place, well sort of, I am going back and organizing one room at a time. I have learned over the years to quit bouncing from one room to the next. Finish one and then move to the next room. Who says under your kitchen sink can’t be pretty?? It’s one of the most used areas in our room, besides our laundry room. Laundry¬†stinks.

Under the kitchen sink

I love how organized everything is. The best part is everything came from the Daiso! It’s our 100 Yen store, Dollar store. I truly think the vinyl labels bring it all together. A lovely spouse on base made them for me.

I just adore these little brown spray bottles. Since moving to Japan I make my own cleaning supplies. Things are a bit costly out here, plus no more harsh chemicals. If you are not located in Japan, I know Amazon sells similar brown bottles {HERE}.

We live on base so I couldn’t screw into the cabinets. I use command hooks throughout my entire house! I tried to keep my cleaning supplies neutral so it all tied into each other. I bought the dish brush and Mr. Clean gloves off Amazon. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I am thinking about making a printable for my cleaning supplies recipes. Let me know what you think?

If you would like to see how I plan on organizing my small on base laundry room click {HERE}

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