Penny Challenge: Save $667.95 in one Year

Hey friends! This week has been a never ending amount of paperwork. We finally finished enrolling the boys into school. There are two different elementary schools on base. K-2nd and 3rd-5th. That is definitely a first for us. Having the boys at different schools. Luckily they are right next to each other. lol Our furniture finally arrived to Japan and is scheduled to be delivered January 8th! Happy Dance! I can not wait to sleep on our own bed and cook a homemade meal!  I really want to incorporate all the quirkiness of our japanese home so I have been pinning like crazy this past week. If you don’t already follow me on pinterest and want totally awesome ideas, click this link right {Here} .

Last week I uploaded a free 2018 Goal Planner printable and I wanted to continue this week with another freebie! I know, awesome right?! I am extremely motivated to welcome the new year and I want to share my excitement with you. I have a few financial goals for next year. I went to pinterest, of course, to look for fun savings challenges. One challenge that really stuck out to me was the penny challenge. It’s a fun way to teach kids how to start saving money.

Here’s how it works- Each day of the year you put away that amount of pennies. Once you have paid yourself simply mark an x by that week.

Day 1 Save 1 penny

Day 2 Save 2 pennies

Day 50 save 50 pennies

Day 365 save 365 pennies……

You can search penny challenge on pinterest for tons of different formats, but for me I could not add up each day or a week worth of pennies. lol My eyes were going crossed eyed looking at all those numbers. So I created my own template using the same method listed above, but showing the bi-weekly amount. Every time my husband gets paid I transfer that exact amount into my kids savings account.

Pictured above you will notice a notes section. I added this section so if I decide to put a little extra back to help compensate for the future weeks. For example bi-week 26 I would need to put back $53.70 for each kid. We might be tight for money that paycheck and not have $107 to transfer into my kids accounts, by depositing extra money throughout the year could help lower the end of the year deposit amounts. If I made changes to the challenge I would simply write them in the notes section to help me stay on track.


I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend and let me know what you think about the penny challenge. What do you use to keep track of your savings?

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