Rae Dunn & Cute Pumpkins~Fall Table Display

Cool crisp air, pumpkin spiced latte and Uggs with baggy sweaters!! Yep! Fall is officially here! Even though it has already snowed here in Wyoming. Oh boy. lol Let’s just forget that I just said that and go back to warm drinks and baggy sweaters lol Since I am not spending as much time outside these days, I have been losing myself in Instagram and Pinterest. Do you follow anyone who you just adore? I have been following Liz Marie for years now and she inspires me daily. falltable2

Once I saw Liz Marie table display it inspired me instantly. I didn’t want to run out and buy all new items. You’ll be surprised at what you can whip up with items just lying around the house. Scrolling through pinterest you see tons of beautiful arranged table display, everything is perfectly placed. You have to ask yourself? Where do they eat? Well I am here to inform you, that you eat on the couch, and your coffee table is your new dining table. lol My husband wasn’t the happiest, but I didn’t take pictures yet and my plates were kid grime free lol


All of the clay pieces are by an artist Rae Dunn. I love all of her pieces and have been collecting for a year now. You can find her pieces at Homegoods, TJmaxx and Marshalls. I don’t know if you have stopped by Target lately, but their dollar spot is a must. They have so much cute stuff and cheap too!




I wanted a bright, simple display and I am loving it. Even though I scoot the plates over for the kiddos to eat 😉 How do you decorate your dining room table? Do you make your husband eat around the coffee table?? Thank you for stopping by, and I can’t wait to hear your ideas and opinions! Are you following me on Pinterest yet?? Head on over to see some great fall decor ideas. Follow me {HERE}


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