Traditional Fall Tablescape

Who is ready for fall? I can’t be the only one who is glad the hot, humid summer days are finally coming to an end? I love everything about fall. The colors, clothes, everything pumpkin spice and my favorite holidays.  A few days ago a friend of mine asked if I could create a fall tablescape for her. Immediately, I knew I wanted to use fabric pumpkins.

Keeping the budget at a minimum I tried to use items she already had in her home. I love mixing different textures with my table displays. I used the wooden bowl as a starting point, it was my statement piece. Perfectly imperfect with it’s hand carved corners and variations in color.

Knowing her dinner plates were white I wanted to keep the display primarily neutral. I added a few touches of orange to add warmth and color. I picked up the thankful napkins at Target. I believe they came in a pack of two for $3. I can’t believe all the cute stuff they offer in the bullseye spot at Target.

Again, these adorable pumpkins were found in the bullseye spot at Target. The rest of the house is very traditional, I like to call it the Pottery Barn style lol. I wanted to make sure I kept her display simple and clean. I tend to have more of eclectic display in my home. Is it really a bad thing to have to many white pumpkins?  I didn’t think so 😉

I was only able to find two glass pumpkins in stock at target. Being impatient I improvised and found these adorable potpourri flowers in her bathroom. I am pretty sure I like the potpourri flowers more than the glass pumpkins. Isn’t it funny how things work out? I have no idea what the wheat, floral stem is called lol, but I just cut four pieces from her yard.  I know Hobby Lobby has a wonderful selection of fall floral stems.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are enjoying the fall weather. If you need more fall inspiration head on over to my Rae Dunn Fall table display.

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